Top 10 Best Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction

Prime 10 Finest Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction


ED (erectile dysfunction) is a standard & standard downside in males. There are numerous causes of ED resembling points with hormones or blood movement, coronary heart illness or diabetes. In addition to, nervousness and stress could make this downside worse. As you understand, Viagra or Sildenafil is usually used to fight erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, this treatment could cause some negative effects. As a substitute of taking it, you are able to do yoga each day to loosen up the thoughts and physique. In at this time’s article, we, will talk about some yoga poses for erectile dysfunction. These yoga poses promote blood movement and leisure, which may help handle erectile dysfunction.

Prime 10 Finest Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction

1. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Uttanpadasana Or Raised Leg Pose

Principally, this yoga poses helps to interact quadriceps and glutes, and provide an intense exercise to the core. As well as, it additionally stretches the hip flexor muscle tissue, thus rising the movement of blood to the pelvic space and boosting your power ranges. Consequently, it helps you beat ED (erectile dysfunction).


  • Step one is mendacity flat in your again and respiration usually
  • Place your hand by the edges with palms dealing with down
  • Then, inhale and lift your legs from the bottom at round 45-60 -degree angle
  • Preserve this posture for about 15 to 20 seconds
  • Exhale and are available again to the preliminary place

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2. Paschimottanasana Or Seated Ahead Bend

This yoga pose has the flexibility to loosen up pelvic muscle tissue and improve higher blood movement. Together with that, it’s also helpful for calming you and relieving gentle despair.


  • Sit on a yoga mat with the legs stretch out in entrance of you
  • Gently rock your physique to your left and use the hand to drag your proper sit bone away
  • Repeat in your different facet
  • Inhale and maintain your higher physique lengthy
  • Lean ahead and lengthen the tailbone as you attain the ground
  • Maintain this pose for round 1 to three minutes

Three. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Kumbhakasana Or Plank

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - kumbhakasana or plank

Plank is taken into account as among the best yoga poses for erectile dysfunction. This handy pose may help to strengthen higher physique and enhance endurance throughout the sexual efficiency.


  • Begin with the kneeling place along with your arms resting on the thighs
  • Subsequent bend ahead along with your arms on the ground
  • Carry the buttocks with knees nonetheless in your floor
  • Slide each your ft backward and raise your knees. Don’t bend your elbows and knees
  • Maintain the pose for a few seconds and launch.


four. Uttanasana Or Standing Ahead Bend

This pose helps you with nervousness. As well as, it additionally helps with infertility, improves digestion and stimulates the organs in your stomach. Thus, it really works as one of many wonderful yoga poses for erectile dysfunction.


  • Step one is standing on the head of a yoga mat with the arms on the hips
  • Bend the torso ahead hinging from the hips as you exhale
  • Carry the fingers to your flooring in entrance of the ft
  • Preserve your knees straight. Strive enjoyable into this pose for round 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Strive lifting your torso and lengthening the physique a bit extra while you inhale. Strive enjoyable deeper into the stretch while you exhale.

5. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Ardha Chandrasana Or Half Moon Pose

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - ardha chandrasana or half moon pose

This pose is ready to enhance endurance and stamina and tone your whole physique.  Endurance and stamina are very important on your efficiency and sexual well being.


  • Stand straight on a mat at first and later deliver proper foot again
  • The arms must be framing the left foot
  • Carry the correct hand to the correct hip
  • Carry up the correct foot. Straighten the left leg out behind you
  • Rote the correct hip again and lengthen the correct hand towards the sky
  • Maintain this place for 5 deep breaths. Come again to the primary place

6. Baddha Konasana Or Certain Angle Pose

This yoga pose helps to stretch the inside thighs & groin. In addition to, it additionally enhances the prostate gland and the kidneys, the bladder, in addition to the organs in your stomach.


  • Sit on a mat with the legs prolonged in entrance of you
  • As you exhale, bend your knees, pulling the heels in towards the pelvis one after the other
  • Drop the knees to both facet. Press the underside of the ft collectively
  • Seize your massive toes along with your arms utilizing your first & second fingers
  • Keep on this place for wherever from one to 5 minutes. Work on lengthening the torso while you inhale and exhale.


7. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Ardha Ustrasana Or Half Camel Pose

This pose is useful for enhancing your digestion and firming all the physique. Plus, it additionally has a helpful impact on the urogenital system of a person.


  • Star with kneeling place along with your arms on knees and thighs aside
  • Carry up with arms beside your physique
  • Maintain your left ankle along with your proper hand and stretch your left arm in entrance of your head.
  • Preserve on this place for about 30 seconds
  • Come again to the unique pose and swap sides.

eight. Janu Sirsasana Or Head-To-Knee Pose

yoga poses for erectile dysfunction - janu sirsasana or head-to-knee pose

This pose helps along with your flexibility, notably within the hamstring muscle tissue, hips, again and thighs. Together with that, it additionally helps with the movement of blood within the groin and decrease stomach. Furthermore, it additionally helps to alleviate stress.


  • Sit on a mat with the legs stretch out in entrance of you
  • If you inhale, bend one of many knees and convey the heel towards the pelvis
  • Relaxation the only in opposition to the thigh and launch the knee towards the ground
  • Inhale and raise each of the arms up
  • Exhale and hinge ahead — remaining a lengthened backbone — over the prolonged leg
  • Strive bringing the chin to the knee and clasp the arms across the foot
  • Maintain this pose for 1-Three minutes
  • As you inhale, increase up with the arms prolonged overhead and return to sitting
  • Repeat this yoga pose in your different facet for stability within the physique.


9. Yoga Poses For Erectile Dysfunction – Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose

The bow pose aids in stimulating reproductive organs. As well as, it additionally helps to sort out untimely ejaculation and intensify your orgasms.


  • Lay face down on a mat in your abdomen with arms at your sides and ft hip-width aside
  • Elevate the legs behind you as you increase the higher physique and attain for the ankles with the arms.
  • Pull the legs up & again whereas remaining the chest off the ground
  • Preserve regular contact by way of your pelvis with the ground
  • Keep on this pose for about 20-30 minutes
  • After you exhale, take some deep breaths and launch from the pose.

10. Naukasana Or Boat Pose

Principally, boat pose may help to activate sexual hormones in males.  Together with that, it helps to strengthen your hips, buttocks, in addition to thigh muscle tissue, thus serving to you persist longer between the sheets.


  • Firstly, lie in your again with arms beside the physique and ft collectively
  • Then, inhale and begin elevating the chest & ft off the bottom as you exhale
  • Stretch the arms towards the ft
  • Preserve this pose for a number of seconds whereas taking a deep breath
  • Exhale and are available again to the preliminary place.



Yoga is not only for ladies and it additionally advantages male sexual well being. It has the facility to enhance your endurance, strengthen muscle tissue and enhance blood movement, thereby permitting you to advertise your sexual efficiency naturally. Are you aware different yoga poses for erectile dysfunction? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in addition to different readers all over the world.

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