How to Use a Shaped Cake Pan

How to Use a Shaped Cake Pan

Cake pan is available quite a lot of shapes, all the things from animals to letters. Working with formed pans could be a thrilling problem for any baker. To create the perfect formed cake pan, spend some further time greasing and flouring your pan. Including any further helps instantly into the batter earlier than baking will make your cake sturdier, too. When the cake pan is completed, take care transferring it from the pan to the cooling rack. Whenever you get comfy sufficient utilizing your formed pan, be at liberty to experiment with various components so as to add much more aptitude to your desserts.

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Staging the Pan for Baking

  1. Use the included recipe as a place to begin. Most formed pans embrace a bit of paper, normally caught to the pan, with a picture of an accomplished cake pan and a primary recipe. It’s a good suggestion to make a check cake utilizing this recipe because it will provide you with a thought as to how a lot batter the pan will maintain and what baking time/temperature is greatest.[1]
  2. Measure the amount of the pan. In case your pan doesn’t include a recipe with guiding measurements, then you definitely want to determine by yourself how a lot better it would require. One of the best ways to do that is to refill a measuring cup with water, add the water into your pan, and cease while you attain ¾ full. The quantity of water that you simply added is the amount of the cake pan.[2]
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    • As a normal rule, most formed pans maintain both 10 or 12 cups (2.three to 2.8L) of batter.
  3. Grease the cake pan. Get a paper towel or pastry brush, dip it right into a little bit of oil or shortening, and rub it throughout the within of the cake pan. Ensure that to get into each dip or hole within the mold or the ultimate cake would possibly keep on with the inside. In order for you a quicker possibility, you possibly can apply a layer of nonstick spray, comparable to Baker’s Pleasure.[3]
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    • Some bakers want to make use of butter to coat their pans. Nonetheless, the water content material of butter could make it much less efficient than pure oils.
    • Nonstick spray can get actually slippery on flooring, so at all times spray your cake pan over the sink.[4]
  4. Flour the cake pan. Grease alone won’t preserve cake batter from sticking to the edges of the pan whereas cooking. You should additionally apply a skinny coating of flour to each inside a part of the cake pan. One of the best ways to do that is to place a spoonful of flour inside after which jiggle the cake pan around till the flour coats all the things. Flip the pan over and dump out any extra.[5]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 4.jpg
  5. Fill the pan ¾ full with batter. Except the directions state in any other case, pour blended batter into the cake pan till there’s a bit of additional house on the high. This can enable the cake to rise without spilling out of the perimeters of the pan. Should you accidentally pour an excessive amount of batter in, simply get a spoon and transfer a little bit of it out from the middle to an additional bowl?[6]
    cake pan
    • If you find yourself with further batter, go forward and make a couple of cupcakes in a separate pan.
  6. Add any help buildings. Some formed desserts would require further help after they arrive out of the oven. Previous to baking, look over the pan and take into account whether or not or not any stand-alone sections will keep upright with out further assist. In that case, go forward and insert some meals grade bamboo skewers or toothpicks into these areas.[7]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 6.jpg
    • For instance, in case you utilizing a 3D animal-shaped cake pan, then it’s a good suggestion to consider if the pinnacle or ears will keep upright post-baking.
    • Should you add helps in to the batter, watch out when serving the cake to others. It’s normally a good suggestion to go away the supported areas uneaten.
  7. Take away any air bubbles by tapping the pan. As soon as the batter is within the pan, choose it up and gently faucet it in opposition to the countertop a couple of instances. This helps to deliver air bubbles up from the within of the batter to the floor. Batter with bubbles can result in gaps on the edges of the cake and a drier style.[8]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 7.jpg

Baking Your Cake

  1. Place the pan on a cookie sheet if the form is deep. If the pan is bigger with deep pockets for batter, then there’s a chance that the underside will burn earlier than the within is totally cooked. To maintain this from taking place you possibly can set the pan on a baking sheet and place it on the center rack to bake.[9]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 8.jpg
    • Remember that, relying on the scale of the pan, you could have to take away the additional baking racks out of your oven to suit all the things in.
  2. Tie two-part molds along with baking twine. In case you are working with a 2-part formed cake pan, then it’s attainable that these components will separate and spill over with batter when baked. To maintain this from taking place, get a 2 to four lengthy items of baking twine, loop them beneath and across the pans, and tie them firmly. This can preserve the batter contained in the pans throughout baking.[10]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 9.jpg
    • Solely use baking twine, not one other kind of string, because it may catch fireplace within the oven.
    • When the cake is completed, let it cool earlier than eradicating the twine.
  3. Alter the steered baking temperature as wanted. The vast majority of formed pans prepare dinner at 350 levels Fahrenheit (176 levels Celsius). However, it’s greatest to test the baking directions or recipe that got here with the pan for steering. As a normal rule, formed pans with deeper grooves could require an elevated temperature or baking time.[11]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 10.jpg
  4. Set a timer for the minimal baking time. Seek the advice of your recipe to see what the shortest attainable baking time is to your cake. Get a standalone baking or oven timer and set it instantly after placing your cake into the oven. Checking in your cake as quickly as attainable can preserve it from burning.
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 11.jpg
  5. Verify for doneness with a toothpick or skewer. See in case your cake is completed by inserting a wood skewer into the deepest a part of the pan. If only some crumbs stay on the skewer, then your cake is completed. If batter is on the skewer, put the cake again in for two minutes and test once more.
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 12.jpg
    • Should you test in an extra shallow space, then it’s attainable that your complete cake won’t be cooked. That is particularly necessary when working with difficult formed desserts.
    • When the cake is completed, make observations of the whole baking time. That means you’ll know the precise time and temperature for baking the following time that you simply use this pan.

Dealing with Your Cake Publish-Baking

  1. Let it cool for 30 minutes earlier than eradicating it from the pan. When you possibly can place your hand on high of the cake and solely really feel the heat, not open warmth, it is able to be eliminated. A sizzling cake is extra more likely to crumble than a cool one. Should you place icing on a sizzling cake, it would merely soften off.[12]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 13.jpg
  2. Loosen the perimeters together with your fingers. Earlier than you take away the cake from the pan, really feel across the high sides together with your fingers and gently attempt to pull them off the pan. Don’t attempt to go too deep otherwise, you’ll threat splitting the cake on the edges. Some bakers advise sliding a butter knife alongside the edges of the pan, however, this doesn’t at all times work properly with formed desserts, because it’s extra more likely to lower the ultimate product.[13]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 14.jpg
  3. Flip it onto a cooling rack. When your cake has cooled sufficiently, place the cooking rack on high of the pan. Apply a little bit of stress to maintain the items collectively. Then, flip all the things over in order that the cake falls out of the pan and on to the rack. In case you are working with a 3D cake, then you definitely need the flattest a part of the cake in opposition to the rack.[14]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 15.jpg
  4. Make observe of any caught areas. Ideally, your cake will come out of the cake pan cleanly, leaving no items behind. If the cake sticks or breaks, then look contained in the pan to establish the issue spots. Sooner or later, these are the areas that you simply wish to spend some further time greasing and flouring earlier than baking.[15]
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 16.jpg
  5. Use icing for adornment and to stabilize your cake. In a 2-part cake, apply icing to the hole between the sections to be able to maintain your complete cake collectively. Should you run into any bother eradicating your cake from the cake pan, you too can apply a little bit of icing to the damaged bits and use this to carry them onto the cake. Icing can be used to accent sure components of a formed cake.
    Use a Shaped Cake Pan Step 17.jpg


  • Wash and dry your pan fastidiously after every use. This helps to maintain your pan from rusting.


  • Silicone pans are extremely popular with bakers. Nonetheless, remember that silicone doesn’t at all times work properly for deeper formed desserts.[16]



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