How to Silk Press Natural Hair

Learn how to Silk Press Pure Hair…A silk press is a straightening approach that does not require chemical substances. Deep conditioning makes the method go simpler, and selecting a very good high quality flatiron means you are able to do small sections in a single cross, minimizing warmth injury. As a result of this type is finished by means of warmth as an alternative of chemical substances, preserve it by preserving it away from moisture and wrapping it up at press is at all times good for hairs and silk press naturally makes your hairs robust and delightful.

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Washing and Moisturizing Your Hair

  1. Shampoo your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo. Earlier than starting, it’s good to take away all of the filth and oil out of your hair. Lather in a clarifying shampoo and rinse it out, after which repeat the method to make sure your hair is totally clear.[1]
  2. Situation your hair. Utilizing a wash-out conditioner is necessary as a result of it helps add moisture again to your hair. Lather the conditioner in effectively, after which rinse till the water runs clear.[2]
    Silk Press Natural Hair
    • Select a conditioner made particularly for hair urgent. These conditioners have added silk to easy out your hair.[3]
    • Steam the conditioner in in the event you can, that means you permit the conditioner in for about 20 minutes whereas making use of steam. At residence, use the warmth arising from a sizzling bathe to assist steam it. If you happen to do not need to stand within the bathe, wrap your hair in a towel for 20 minutes, which helps the conditioner set in.
  3. Add a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner provides moisture to your hair, and it additionally helps shield towards warmth injury from the flat press. Separate your hair into sections, and spray it in earlier than blow drying every space.[4] Alternatively, use argan oil as an alternative of a leave-in conditioner.
    Natural Hair pressing

Straightening Your Hair

  1. Blow out your hair. Whereas blow drying every part, comb or brush it out on the similar time. Get your hair as straight as attainable earlier than you begin utilizing the flatiron, so the flat iron would not need to do as a lot work. Doing so prevents warmth injury.[5]

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Silk Press Natural Hair Step 4.jpg
  1. Add a small quantity of thermal protectant cream. If you happen to’re notably anxious about warmth injury, a protectant cream can assist. Use a small quantity (a few pea’s price) of the cream. Rub into your fingers first, after which apply it to your hair. It helps to comb or brush it in afterwards.[6]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 5.jpg
  2. Divide your hair into massive sections. Clip again most of your hair so it would not get in the best way when you’re utilizing the flatiron. Attempt clipping up each side, in addition to the highest and the again. Solely work with one part at a time.[7]

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Silk Press Natural Hair Step 6.jpg
  1. Pull out a small layer. On one aspect of the top, pull out the very backside a part of your hair. Use a comb or clip to make a line throughout the underside so that you get a fair layer. Create a really skinny layer of hair, so that you solely must run the flat iron over it as soon as.[8]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 7.jpg
  2. Run it by means of the flat iron. Collect your hair collectively. Shut the flat iron over your hair as near the top as attainable. Gently pull the iron down over your hair at a medium tempo. Do not yank it by means of, however do not go so gradual that you simply burn your hair. Run the iron all the best way to the guidelines. Let that part grasp down.[9]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 8.jpg
    • Give your hair one cross solely to keep away from warmth injury.
  3. Transfer up the part. As you end every layer, transfer up a layer within the part. Iron every layer, after which let it be a part of the opposite hair on the backside. Hold going up till you have performed all of the hair in that part.[10]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 9.jpg
  4. Flatiron the remainder of your hair. Shifting part by part, use the flatiron all around the individual’s hair. Remember to go layer by layer, so that you’re solely engaged on a small quantity of hair at one time.[11]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 10.jpg

Taking Care of Your Hairdo

  1. Wrap it in a silk scarf at evening. Begin by brushing out your hair. Comb it so it wraps round your head. A paddle brush is useful for this system. Tie your hair up in a shawl earlier than you fall asleep every evening.[12]
    silk press
  2. Skip the shampoo. To take care of this hairdo, you will need to skip washing your hair. As quickly as you wash your hair, it would return to its pure press  Go every week or two with out washing, however do not go for much longer than that.[13]
    Silk Press Natural Hair Step 12.jpg
    • Understand that very steamy showers additionally make your hair revert again to regular. If it’s good to, put on your scarf lined by a bathe cap into the bathe. Hold the headband on to make it simpler to wrap up within the bathe cap. Plus, it would take in a few of the moisture that might have reached your hair in any other case.
  3. Go for minimal press Bouncy curls all all through your hair is a whole lot of enjoyable, however typically that coiffure will solely final a day or two. If you’d like your hairdo to last more, attempt simply curling the very ends and leaving the remainder of your hair straight.[14]
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