How to Get Rid of a Silverfish Infestation

Get Rid of a Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are fairly innocent, however they’re ugly to have a look at and they’re undoubtedly unwelcome visitors in your house.

These crawling creatures with tons of antennae protruding of their carrot-shaped our bodies want to remain in chilly, darkish and damp locations just like the basement or underneath the lavatory sink. They love to return out from these hiding locations at night time and nibble on starchy stuff like paper, glue, dry items and cereal bins.

A silverfish infestation is widespread in kitchens, laundry rooms, bogs, attics and basements.

As these pests are secretive, the severity of an infestation could go unnoticed for a very long time. Nonetheless, their harmful feeding habits can wreck your necessary papers, clothes and even wallpaper.

In case you have silverfish bugs taking on residence in your house, don’t panic. You may rent an skilled to take care of the infestation or attempt some natural strategies to do away with them. Whereas addressing a silverfish infestation, handle each grownup silverfish and their hiding locations the place they might have laid eggs.

Listed below are prime 10 methods to take care of a silverfish infestation.

1. Scale back the Humidity

Since silverfish love damp and humid locations, step one that you must take is cut back the humidity in your house. It is a positive approach to maintain them out.

reduce humidity to get rid of silverfish

  • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas just like the basement.
  • Ventilate the attic and basement utilizing followers.
  • Set up a top quality toilet fan to cut back the moisture within the room.
  • Substitute or repair leaky pipes and taps.
  • Put silica gel in corners, holes, cracks and within the cabinet underneath the sink.
  • At all times be sure that water drains away from your property.
  • Use plastic sheeting on the bottom in filth crawl areas.
  • Use ridge vents on the roof to permit humid air to flee.

2. Scale back the Meals Sources and Litter

By lowering their meals sources, you may management in addition to stop future silverfish infestations.

reduce sources of food and clutter to remove silverfish

  • Scale back meals sources by protecting cereals, flour, meat, pastas and pet meals in hermetic containers. If the bugs don’t have easy accessibility to meals, they’ll begin searching for a brand new handle.
  • By no means depart piles of newspaper or mail round, particularly in a storeroom that’s darkish and humid.
  • Keep away from storing previous cardboard bins within the basement.
  • Retailer your unused or out-of-season garments in sealed bins and someplace dry.
  • Vacuum carpets, flooring and upholstered furnishings recurrently.
  • Preserve exterior areas caulked and correctly painted.
  • Preserve the gutters and downspouts freed from particles.
  • Scale back litter to eradicate their hiding locations.

3. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a natural substance that may assist kill silverfish and destroy their eggs.

This crystalline powder works as a desiccant that helps destroy their exoskeletons, ultimately inflicting dehydration and demise.

boric acid to exterminate silverfish

Nonetheless, this treatment is just not for households who’ve pets.

  1. Combine 1 tablespoon of boric acid powder, 1 cup of oatmeal flour, ½ teaspoon of white sugar and ¼ teaspoon of salt.
  2. Sprinkle the combination in areas the place you see silverfish within the night.
  3. The following morning, clear the world completely.
  4. Repeat each day for a minimum of 1 week to fully eradicate the silverfish infestation.

Warning: Put on a masks to keep away from inhaling boric acid, because it’s poisonous to the lungs.

4. Meals-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Meals-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of fossilized stays of diatoms, a category of algae that may assist do away with silverfish.

diatomaceous earth to treat silverfish infestation

The microscopic silica shards in DE can injury the pests’ exoskeletons, which in the end trigger dehydration and demise.

  1. Sprinkle DE across the baseboards and different humid locations in your house the place silverfish can cover.
  2. Do that within the night, since silverfish come out of their hiding locations at night time.
  3. The following morning, vacuum up the powder together with the useless silverfish.
  4. Repeat each day for 1 week to ensure you’ve managed the infestation efficiently.

Warning: At all times put on a masks when dealing with DE, since it will probably irritate your lungs.

5. Do-it-yourself Newspaper Lure

You should use previous newspapers to make fast, cheap traps to catch the silverfish roaming round your property.

homemade newspaper trap to reduce silverfish infestation

Newspaper works as an important meals supply for these tiny creatures, which makes it excellent bait.

  1. Roll up a newspaper and seal the ends with rubber bands.
  2. Spray water on the rolled newspaper to moisten it.
  3. Earlier than you go to mattress, put the moistened newspaper the place you usually see silverfish roaming round.
  4. The following morning, the silverfish could have eaten their manner into the newspaper and all that you must do is to throw the newspapers away or burn them.
  5. Repeat each night time till the infestation is underneath management.

6. Do-it-yourself Glass Lure

To come up with the crawling creatures, you may as well set out do-it-yourself glass traps. These traps are simple to make and are very efficient.

homemade glass trap to remove silverfish infestation

  1. Discover a quart-sized mason jar or one other glass container.
  2. Wrap the skin of the container with masking tape.
  3. Put a chunk of bread or some oatmeal powder within the jar.
  4. Put the entice in an space the place you believe you studied silverfish are hiding at night time.
  5. The following morning, you will see that silverfish contained in the container, as they’re unable to climb up the graceful interior floor of the glass jar. Throw away all of the trapped creatures.
  6. Refill the jar and reset as required.

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