How to Dye a Human Hair Wig

How one can Dye a Human Hair Wig

Not like artificial wigs, human hair wigs might be dyed comparatively simply. You need to use the identical hair dye, the identical developer, and even the identical instruments to dye your wig as you’d regular hair. Merely combine your dye earlier than gently making use of it on to the wig. Wash the wig after dyeing it to maintain it clear and glossy. Remember the fact that hair dye won’t work on artificial wigs.


Mixing the Dye

  1. Select a standard hair dye. You need to use any hair coloration out there at a drug retailer. Be mindful, nonetheless, that it is best to solely darken human hair wigs. Don’t attempt to lighten the hair, because the bleach utilized in lighter hair colours can weaken the hair on the wig.[1]
    • Don’t use cloth dye on human hair wigs. Use hair dye solely.
  2. Discover a 20 quantity hair developer. A decrease quantity could also be too weak. A 20 quantity developer will allow you to change the colour by one or two shades whereas a quantity 30 will allow you to make the hair even darker. Typically, a 20 quantity developer shall be enough.[2]
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  3. Placed on rubber gloves. Gloves will shield your pores and skin from irritation and marking left by the dye. Use rubber gloves that you simply don’t thoughts tossing afterwards.
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  4. Combine the dye and the developer in a plastic bowl. Learn the directions in your dye to see how a lot dye it is best to mix with the developer. Combine with a plastic spoon. If the dye appears to be like just a little gentle, don’t fear. It’ll darken over time.[3]
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    • In case your wig goes down beneath your shoulders, chances are you’ll want two packing containers of hair dye.
    • Don’t use a steel bowl or spoon to combine your dye. The steel can oxidize the dye, inflicting it to vary colours.

Making use of the Dye

  1. Check the dye on a number of strands of hair. Along with your fingers or a small paintbrush, apply the dye to a small part of hair. This ought to be someplace that’s not simply seen. Wait thirty or forty minutes. Should you like the colour, apply it to the remainder of the wig. Should you don’t like the colour, attempt a unique shade of hair dye.[4]
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  2. Soak the wig within the dye. Place the wig within the bowl with the dye. Along with your palms, gently scoop the dye over the wig and unfold it via the layers of the wig. Be mild. Strive to not roughly rub the dye into the wig.[5]
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  3. Set the wig onto a wig stand. A wig stand will hold your wig’s form and elegance intact after you dye it. Place the wig on the stand as you’d put it by yourself head. Safe the wig to the stand utilizing T-pins.[6]
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    • The dye may drip off of the wig. To stop any stains in your furnishings, you may put a towel or plastic tarp across the wig stand.
  4. Brush via the hair. Use a comb or a wig brush to distribute the dye all through the wig. Guarantee that the dye is evenly utilized to your entire wig. It will assist the dyed hair look extra pure.[7]
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  5. Go away the wig to let the colour set. Learn the bundle on the dye to see how lengthy it is best to go away it. Typically, this shall be thirty or forty minutes. Should you can’t discover this data, test the wig each ten minutes. When it has reached the suitable coloration, you may wash it.[8]
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    • Should you don’t have a wig stand, go away the wig within the bowl to set. Cowl it with plastic wrap.

Washing the Hair

  1. Shampoo the wig. Use a color-safe shampoo or a particular wig shampoo. Place the wig below a faucet with heat water to do away with any extra dye earlier than lathering the wig with shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo when you’re accomplished.[9]
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  2. Apply conditioner to the ideas of the wig. It will give additional shine to your wig. Keep away from utilizing any conditioner close to the roots of your wig or else the hair may fall out. Rinse out the conditioner with cool or lukewarm water.[10]
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  3. Pat the hair dry with a towel. Gently squeeze the wig with the towel to take away extra water. Place it again on the wig stand to dry.[11]
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  4. Let the wig dry. You possibly can let it air dry or you should use a hair dryer on a low setting. In case you are air drying the wig, go away it on the stand till it’s fully dry. In case you are blow drying it, run the hair dryer up and down via your hair. Guarantee that the wig doesn’t overheat.[12]
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  • Should you’re nervous about dyeing your wig, take it to a hair stylist. They might be keen to dye it for you.
  • If you wish to ombre your wig, add streaks, or apply highlights, use the identical strategies that you’d use on regular hair.
  • Hair that has already been dyed could not choose up coloration as simply as virgin hair.


  • The extra you dye your wig, the extra brittle the hair will turn into. Dying your wig can shorten its lifespan.

Issues You may Want

  • Hair dye
  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Plastic spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Wig stand
  • Towel
  • T-pins


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