Everything You Want to Know about the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Every part You Wish to Know concerning the Second Trimester of Being pregnant

The second trimester of being pregnant, outlined because the interval from 13 weeks till 29 weeks, is a lot better than the primary one. This stage is usually related to progress of the fetus and uterus, and you’ll begin noticing the child bump.

At first of the second trimester, the fetus is mostly about 6 inches in size and weighs about 4 ounces.

By the top of this trimester, the fetus has greater than doubled to about 14 inches in size and his or her weight has elevated practically tenfold to about 2¼ kilos, in keeping with the American Being pregnant Affiliation (1).

Ladies usually really feel their greatest within the second trimester, because the nausea and vomiting that plagued you throughout the first three months usually resolve. This leaves you feeling extra energetic and like your outdated self once more.

Additionally, the chance of miscarriage could be very much less throughout this stage. Plus, the aches and pains that may accompany the previous few months of being pregnant are nonetheless far-off. Furthermore, your hair progress will enhance and you should have that good being pregnant glow in your face.

Nevertheless, your physique goes by many modifications throughout this section additionally, and a few of these modifications may be disagreeable.

everything you want to know about second trimester of pregnancy

Listed below are a few of the frequent discomforts related to the second trimester of being pregnant.

1. Constipation

Constipation is a typical incidence throughout being pregnant, and it’s extra prevalent throughout the second trimester. Constipation is outlined as having fewer than three bowel actions per week.

A 2007 examine revealed in Obstetrics and Gynecology analyzed 103 pregnant ladies and located that constipation prevalence charges have been 24%, 26%, 16% and 24% within the first, second, and third trimesters and three months postpartum, respectively (2).

constipation trouble during 2nd trimester of pregnancy

The continuing hormonal modifications that happen resulting from being pregnant can have an effect on digestion and decelerate bowel actions. Additionally, taking iron dietary supplements can contribute to constipation.

Dietary modifications like consuming extra fiber and consuming extra water are probably the most sensible strategy to deal with constipation throughout being pregnant.

A 2001 examine revealed within the Cochrane Database and Systematic Evaluations studies that dietary fiber dietary supplements within the type of bran or wheat fiber are possible to assist ladies experiencing constipation in being pregnant. If the issue fails to resolve, stimulant laxatives are more likely to show more practical (3).

2. Heartburn

Together with constipation, heartburn is frequent throughout the second trimester.

A 2015 examine revealed in BMJ Medical Proof studies that heartburn is without doubt one of the commonest gastrointestinal symptoms in pregnant ladies, with an incidence of 17% to 45%.

The prevalence of heartburn has been discovered to extend from 22% within the first trimester to 39% within the second trimester and to between 60% and 72% within the third trimester (4).

heartburn during pregnancy second trimester

Heartburn is brought on because the physique begins making extra of a hormone known as progesterone that relaxes the muscle tissue within the decrease esophagus. The frequent leisure of the muscle tissue permits abdomen acid to move again up into the esophagus, particularly while you’re mendacity all the way down to take a nap or after you’ve eaten a big meal.

To alleviate heartburn, strive consuming extra frequent, smaller meals all through the day and keep away from greasy, spicy and acidic meals.

3. Fuel

Throughout the second trimester, ladies can even undergo from the embarrassing downside of gasoline.

A slower digestive system can result in gasoline buildup that causes ache within the stomach, cramps, burping and passing of gasoline. This once more may be attributed to the elevated stage of progesterone throughout being pregnant.

stomach gas during pregnancy 2nd trimester

To forestall this downside, keep away from set off meals that result in gasoline like carbonated drinks, dairy merchandise, cruciferous greens, beans and different high-fiber meals.

Additionally, strive smaller meals and consuming slowly to keep away from swallowing air. As well as, keep away from consuming too near bedtime to offer your meals time to digest.

4. Backaches

The additional weight that you just begin feeling because of the rising child inside your womb will put a pressure in your again. This can trigger backaches, one other frequent second-trimester discomfort.

You might also really feel ache in your decrease again resulting from posture modifications and relaxed muscle tissue.

backache during 2nd trimester of pregnancy

A 2017 examine revealed within the Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology studies that low again ache is frequent in pregnant ladies, has particular traits and is extra frequent within the second trimester of being pregnant (5).

Make the most of good again assist when sitting to alleviate a few of the ache. Additionally, sleep in your aspect with a pillow tucked between your legs.

Keep away from choosing up or carrying something heavy. Don’t forget to put on low-heeled, comfy sneakers with good arch assist.

5. Swelling

Delicate swelling of the ankles and toes is skilled by many pregnant ladies, beginning at about week 22 of being pregnant and lasting till supply.

The physique produces roughly 50% extra blood and physique fluids to fulfill the wants of the creating child.

swelling during pregnancy 2nd trimester

Swelling is a traditional a part of being pregnant that’s brought on by this extra blood and fluid, in keeping with the American Being pregnant Affiliation (6).

To cut back swelling of the ankles and toes, attempt to hold lively, hold your toes elevated while you’re not shifting, keep away from lengthy durations of standing or sitting and sleep in your aspect.

6. Bleeding Gums

It is not uncommon throughout being pregnant to develop swollen, tender gums.

This occurs because of the hormonal modifications within the physique that ship extra blood to your gums, making them extra delicate and inflicting them to bleed extra simply.

bleeding gums during pregnancy second trimester

To maintain bleeding gums, use a softer toothbrush, floss gently and use gentle toothpaste.

It is usually advocate that you just go to your dentist early in your being pregnant, in order that they will advocate any treatment which may be wanted.

Vital Suggestions for the Second Trimester

  • The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that every one ladies be screened for gestational diabetes round week 24 to week 28 of being pregnant.
  • Don’t take any medication with out consulting your physician first.
  • Eat effectively, train commonly and get loads of relaxation.
  • Don’t miss your routine checkups, which permit your physician to make sure the whole lot is progressing as anticipated.
  • Throughout this stage, you possibly can request prenatal genetic screening in case you have issues about any circumstances that the child could have.
  • Sleep in your aspect, as the load of your rising fetus places strain on the vena cava, which might intrude with circulation.
  • Maintain doing all your pelvic ground and deep respiration workout routines.
  • Speak to your physician concerning what number of energy you have to be consuming.
  • You will need to observe your weight achieve. An excessive amount of weight achieve may be unhealthy on your well being in addition to your unborn child’s.


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